She knows how to capture the gaze of millions, but here we catch up with the 27 year old mogul and cover model.


ANDRE CARTER: We’re on the set of our photo shoot for PLAYBOY. Did you think you would ever be here?
VIKTORIA FOX: I never thought that I would model for PLAYBOY, but I love the new platform. This is such an iconic brand, and I love what they are doing now creatively, so when I got the offer to be on the cover—I couldn’t say no.

ANDRE: What is the new platform? Will there be nudes? Should we expect any from you?
FOX: It's similar to OnlyFans, except nudes are optional— it’s for everyone, including mainstream creators who share behind the scenes of their lives. I can’t really say if there will be any nudes dropping any time soon, but you should subscribe to find out lol. 

ANDRE: I was surprised to see on your Instagram some degrading comments from male users, what is that about?
FOX: Social media is where women in particular can thrive and make a lot of money, and I believe this makes some men jealous. I have girlfriends who bring in $30,000 USD/month from OnlyFans and their boyfriends get really upset and will try to slut shame them. Life is short, so I choose to be around like minded, positive people.

ANDRE: It doesn’t really feel like you’re done yet with expanding your brand. What do you have next in store?
FOX: I’ve been working on as well as a book that I’m co-writing with my brothers; there’s a lot of trademarking involved, but I’m excited once this all gets done. Through the success of Polaris Capital, I feel like I found a passion in building things from the ground up and creating new businesses and companies. Now that I understand the whole process really well, it comes easily and really fun too.

Instagram: Viktoria Fox
Photographer: Georgina Vaughan Photography
Hair & Makeup: Olivia Rose Beauty
PR: SAY Media
Agency: William Morris Endeavor